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The Jagannath temple has four gates and two very big oncentric walls. Incidentally it is the only temple in the entire state to have four gates each in inner and outer walls. The outer wall of Jagannath temple is known as Meghanada Prachira which has a length of 650ft from east to west and breadth of 644ft from north to south direction. The height of Meghanad Pacheri is 20ft and thickness of 6ft. The inner wall is known as ..Kuruma Pacheri… The length of this Kuruma Pacheri is 400 ft from East to West and 278 ft from North to South direction. The height of Kuruma Pacheri is almost equal to the height of Meghanad Pacheri but the thickness of the Pacheri is less than the thickness of Meghanad Pacheri i.e only 5ft.
Originally Indradyumna had constructed only the main temple. Kings and rulers in subsequent times added Meghanada Pacheri, Mukha sala, Nata Mandapa and other assets to the Temple Complex.
As per the records, in the 11th century, during the reign of Chodoganga Deva, King of Puri, many ‘kotas’ (forts), bastions and ‘Jagagharas’ (Gymnasiums) were developed to safeguard Puri town from invaders. At that time Meghanada Prachira, the massive boundary wall which surrounds Lord Jagannth Temple now, was not built and it was the duty of the Jagagharas to protect the temple from enemies.
Balaram Das wrote in LaxmiPurana Meghanada Pacheri had build around the temple to escape the noise and roaring of Varun (sea).

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